Amount of Benefit

The amount of your disability benefit will be equal To 75% of your rate of Annual Earnings at your date of disability, less the following annual Amounts:

Contributors disability benefit payable from the Canada/Quebec Pension Plan (Dependent children's benefit are not deducted in calculating a disability benefit);

Any other government disability scheme or program to which the Employer contributes;

Any disability benefit payable from the Employer's Short Term Disability Plan

For Example:

Assume monthly earnings $4,000

75% x $4,000= $3,000

less CPP Disability Benefit -$971

Total LTD Benefit $2,029


The LTD Benefit is a taxable benefit and is paid monthly up to the earliest of:

The date you cease to be totally and permanently disabled;

The date that entitlement to any disability benefits under the CPP/QPP ceases;

The end of the month in which death occurs;

The date you attain 65

The end of the month in which a Participant voluntarily elects to terminate his/her employment

The date you attain age 60 or the date you complete 25 Years of Service, whichever date is later.

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