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Each of the Funds provides a type of employment benefit to some members of bargaining units represented by the Telecommunications Workers Union. Benefits are provided pursuant to Plans made pursuant to the Trust Agreement governing each Fund.

The content of this web site is primarily for those covered by the Plans and others seeking information about the Plans and benefits provided under them.


Although the Trustees will endeavour to keep the information on this web site current at its date of publication and accurate it should not be relied upon as accurate, up-to-date or applicable to a particular purpose or individual. Each of the Plans is complex. This site includes general and simplified descriptions of the Plans. The rights of any person to benefits are determined only by each Trust Agreement and the Plan provided by its Trustees which prevail over any information on this web site which may be inconsistent with them.

The information provided on this web site is not legal or other professional advice nor specific advice concerning the rights of any person. Users of this web site requiring advice specific to their entitlements under any Plan or other information about their rights or obligations should contact the Telecommunications Workers Benefits Office or their own professional advisors.


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